Ansomone 100iu

Ansomone 100iu
Product Code: Ansomone-100iu
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Price: £250.00

3 or more £230.00

Buy Ansomone 100iu Online UK

10 iu vials x 10

These are genuine, not replica hence why we charge the right price - 250gbp a kit

Verify it online on, has 3 sections of verifiable codes under the stickers.

Users need only take 4-5iu of this, as it is more than double the strength of hygetropin or other chinese growth

In fact, on par if not stronger on serum tests than pfizer genotropin (in restropect, 3.6iu of genotropin was sampled VS 4iu of ansomone)

This is rated as the strongest 100iu kit of growth hormone every produced since jintropin (jintropin stopped production 12 years ago in 2005)

Pay cash in the post and get this product for £240 and free special delivery (worth £258)

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