Elixir Lipid Incinerate 275 £33

Elixir Lipid Incinerate 275 £33
Product Code: Elixir-Lipid-Incinerate
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Price: £33.00

Elixir Meds Lipid Incinerate 275mg

Also known as Elixir Rip blend or Elixir Cut Stack 275

Each 1ml contains:

100mg of Testosterone Propionate

100mg of Trenbolone Acetate

75mg of Masteron Propionate

Users Advised to take 1ml every other day or 0.5ml everyday

The latter will give more even blood levels and more bang for buck for the product, better gains and consistency.

1ml every other day, users will average 350mg of test, 350mg of tren, 250mg of masteron per week

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