Excel Pharma TNT 450mg 10ml £35 @ www.excel-pharma.net

Excel Pharma TNT 450mg 10ml £35 @ www.excel-pharma.net
Product Code: EXCEL-TNT-450
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Excel Pharma TNT 450mg

Each 1ml contains:

Testosterone Enanthate 150mg USP

Nandrolone Decanote 150mg USP

Trenbolone Enanthate 150mg USP

Benzyl Benzoate 20%

Benzyl Alcohol 2%

Grape Seed Oil USP

This stack is brilliant for bulking but more so a leaner bulk thanks to the addition of trenbolone in the equation.

Test is the foundation of the cycle

Deca is a mass builder and promotes more pumps and protein synthesis (muscle growth) as well as aiding joints

Tren is a bulker and a cutter at the same time. Diet will bring about the results based on goal, with tren it is much more easily attainable.

Common Cycle 10 weeks:

Excel Test 400 2ml = 800mg of Testosterone E+C+P

Excel TNT 450 2ml = 300mg of Testosterone E, 300mg of Deca, 300mg of Tren E

Per week, you shall be on 1100mg of Testosterone, 300mg of Deca, 300mg of Tren E for only £136!

2 vials of each product will be required to be at the dose above over 10 weeks.

Combining the two products, you save over £90

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