T3 Uni-Pharma 25mcg x 30 Tabs

T3 Uni-Pharma 25mcg x 30 Tabs
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Uni-Pharma T3 (Cytomel)

If uni-pharma is not in stock, abdi-ibrahim t3 can be sent as substitute (50 Tabs 2 strips)

25mcg x 30 pills

Recommended users to take 6 weeks on and 8 weeks off or 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off

Can be enhanced with the use of Clenbuterol at 50-160mcg a day, or a trio with Yohimbine HCL

Dont forget to add your caffeine 200mg dosage before breakfast

If you prefer liquid form, opt for Rohm Thermolipid which has clen and yohimbine hlc extra

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