Desma Winstrol Depot 50mg 1ml - 3 Amps Per Box

Desma Winstrol Depot 50mg 1ml - 3 Amps Per Box
Product Code: Desma-Winstrol-50mg
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10 or more £18.00

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Each Amp is 1ml - 3 Amps Per Box

Will update this information in April, these are legitimate as can be seen on hologram and the ampoules themselves especially with the print on the ampoules in capitals of LOTE whereas fake batches will not have this in capitals nor will they have a bright beaming hologram which shines in every direction (fake hologram has a dull matt effect which does not shine bright on reflection). Upon your first injection, within 2/3 days you shall notice a difference in that particular site of injection. (This of course falls in line with your current body fat to see such effect, ideally below 12% it is possible to see instantly within a few days).

£8 an amp (£24 a box for 3 ampoules)

£6.67 an amp (£20 a box, if purchasing more than 10boxes which is 30 ampoules = £200)

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