Fat Loss Tips

For all those little pointers to give you an edge

We wish to seem more than just a company whom sell goods at costs but rather see our clients hitting their mark at every angle!


  • Apple Cider Vinegar - great for balancing acidity, blood pressure and digestion but as far as fat loss goes, there is no evidence, some suggest it indirectly helps by cleansing ones fatty liver.
  • L-Carnitine - in liquid or oral or powder form, many users take around 2-5000mg a day, most take fasted but it actually assists breakdown of foods into energy when consuming a carb meal with moderate amounts so would suggest taking l-carnitine 20-30 minutes before digesting a carb rich meal, still fine also to use fasted pre cardio or workout.
  • Vitamin C - Great for general well being, building immune system also. For fat loss, no evidence to suggest but it is used by competitors to flush out excess water retention along with sodium manipulation and water, most take around 8-10g a day for short periods of around a week or two.
  • Chromium Picolinate - good for insulin sensitivity, if your body is steering the right direction and metabolism in check, great to use this so ensures when consuming carb rich meals or post workout, that the carbs shuttle to where they should, good to use while on growth hormone as it lowers insulin sensitivity
  • Green Tea which is in pill and liquid/tea-bag form. We recommend both sources, but more-so the pills as it has shown to be more efficient (explained below). What does Green Tea do for you and your fat loss goals? Well to maximise fat loss the "best" way is to keep everything the same in your diet and exercise regime and lose weight right? Sounds like a myth....clearly not! 
       It all begins from fat oxidation (oxygen combined with fat....It refers to your body using up stored fats to produce energy, something that normally happens during exercise. Green Tea has been shown to increase so-called 'fat oxidation' in people who were not exercising but drinking/consuming the tea/pill. At what rate % does it boost fat oxidation (we prefer to call it 'fat-catabolism')? It does so approximately at a staggering 17% 
    reen tea had a dramatic four-fold greater effect on reductions in subcutaneous and visceral fat in the abdomen compared to a placebo group of same gender and weight in the International Journal of Obesity. 2005 June;29:615-23. 
      EGCG is 
        Green Tea vs Green Tea Supplement Extract? Evidence has shown uninamously that the extract in pill form is far superior than the latter. This is because the absorption of the EGCG in the blood was greater than that of the tea. Not only that but it led to a higher antioxidant activity in the blood. This is all noted in the 
    Effects of dosing condition on the oral bioavailability of green tea catechins after single-dose administration of Polyphenon E in healthy individuals. Clin Cancer Res. 2005 Jun 15;11(12):4627-33
  • Clenbuterol -