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Avoid other websites who replicate ours i.e. excel-rohmpharma.co.uk / hugeload.co.uk / strength12.co.uk or any others with .pl .cl as they will take your hard earned money and disappear. We can also give images of goods with your name beside it for peace of mind.

More and more websites are popping up in the scheme to con customers using our name or similar word techniques/phrases of excel.

Hugeload is a "dodgy" website who is using our excel-pharma.net to steal our customers and generate more traffic (visitors) onto theirs.

We are not affiliated at all, they do not even stock excel or rohm range.

Similar to another company which has arisen called 'excel-rohmpharma.co.uk'

Excel-rohmpharma.co.uk is another company who has replicated our website to infiltrate our customer base and take our traffic away.

Ask any of these companies for an image in real-time with a date stamped on the parcel and your name and we guarantee this won't be done as requested unless you give them a day or two.

We have over 2000 clients who can vouch for us.

We don't mind wether your order is £1 or £1500. Every client is valued and advice is given even for persons whom don't purchase from us.

We don't just want your money, we want to know you are satisfied and are with us for the long haul.

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Testosterone Capsules 40mg x 30
Testosterone Capsules 40mg x 30 Users take 4-6 a day, as its orally absorbed through the liver, ..
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Increlex IGF 1 LR3 10mg/ml 4ml Vial
Increlex IGF 1 LR3 10mg/ml 4ml Vial Buy Increlex IGF 1 Online We get this in very small quanti..
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Alpha Pharma Alphabolin 100mg 1ml x 10
ALPHA PHARMA ALPHABOLIN / PRIMOBOLAN 100mg Each 1ml contains: 100mg of Methenolone Enanthate ..
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Elixir Mastabolan 150mg
Elixir Mastabolan 150mg Each ml contains: 75mg of Masteron Propionate 75mg of Trenbolone He..
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