Payment Methods

Payment Methods?

We accept Western Union / Moneygram and Money sent by Special Delivery in the post.

We also accept Bank Transer (UK to UK only)

  • Bank Transfer for UK customers (THIS IS ONLY FOR OUR EXISITING CUSTOMERS, NEW CUSTOMERS SUBJECT TO APPROVAL - please remember to ask us which account we are using before sending monies as we change our accounts from time to time) New customers, please be patient while we allocate a new account for you - you will just need to provide us with your facebook or linkedIN page to verify you are who you say you are.
  • Western Union/Moneygram for both UK and Non-Uk Residents (UK residents suggested to only send up to £750 maximum, the remainding balance can be sent by post or a seperate western union payment the following day)

Please email us with the payment method chosen and we will email you back with the details needed to make your payment.

Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder.


Payment via Post

If you go to your local Royal Mail and post money in a bubble wrapped envelope/small parcel to an address we provide in the UK.

We are currently at full capacity for our exisiting customers hence why we are now opting for money via post.

Orders under £700 to be paid by post.

If you are able to pay via post, your order will be sent on free delivery and will get a further discounts outlined below:

Send over £100 - get free delivery

Send over £250+ - get free delivery and £10 off

The discounts exclude HGH however HGH will be sent on free delivery and £5 off any amount.

Genotropin discounts - buy 3 or more and get £10 off and free delivery

Money is usually sent in a waterproof bag or a small bubble wrapped jiffy enclosed in a slightly bigger bubbled jiffy/parcel and sent on first class signed or special delivery by 1pm.

If your payment is less than £120, please send first class signed for which is roughly £2.08 or special delivery if your payment is more than £150 which will cost £6.45 for the service.

Please ensure that you do not make payment by POSTAL ORDER as we do not accept this.

We shall send you a designated address for the money to be sent to, please send us tracking upon sending and images of the parcel itself which shows the delivery address.

Step by step guide of payment for post.

1) We email you confirmation of your order and delivery address, you confirm.

2) We give you the designated address to send money to, you confirm which day you will send so we know when we will receive.

3) You write the address we provided you on the bubble wrapped parcel/small envelope, you write your return address at the back of the parcel so if undelivered, the parcel returns back to yourself within a week.

4) You enclose the money wrapped in a jiffy/waterproof bag and you can enclose a piece of paper outlining your full name (but no details of the order/products)

5) Please send First Class Signed For (under £100) or Special Delivery by 1pm (£150 and above). When asked what the contents are; please state "Work Documents" of "No Value".

6) The day we receive the parcel, we shall notify you and 80% of the time, the day the money is received, the parcel is dispatched the same day or the following working day.


Payment via Western Union - Click This Link

We shall send your order on free delivery for using this service, you can send money online up to £200 or if you google your local western union kiosks/branches, you can pay in cash over the counter with no problems up to £1500, all you require is your identification and fill in a form with the details below we shall provide you with. If it is urgent, you can send the money quick by using their service called "Money in Minutes" which costs slightly extra, but if there is no rush, you can opt for "Next Day Service" which is far cheaper.

One common mistake our customers make upon their first transfer is the total amount to be sent, so if we say the Total is £130, our recipient needs to receive £130, but some customers may send £130 which includes the western union fee of £4,90. This results in our recipient only receiving £125.10 due to the fee being factored into the £130. So we advise, it is clear that the recipient is to receive for example, £130 and the fee is additional, making the total spend £134.90.

Another common question which delays the process is, many ask how we want our recipients to be paid, we would like the payout to be "Cash" and not into a bank account.

Western Union Details:
First Name - We shall provide you with the name
Surname - We shall provide you with the name
Country - UK
Total - £.....
Payment to be received in British Pounds / GBP

Payout - IN CASH

Upon sending, please send us confirmation that you have sent the funds with the following:
Senders First Name -
Senders Surname -
Senders Middle Names If Applicable -
Senders Country -

MTCN (Tracking Number) -

Please be exact with the name of the recipient and ensure either yourself or the western union agent shows you the information inputted onto the screen that the name is correct letter for letter.

We shall be able to dispatch the same or next day upon withdrawal of funds. If you send the money online, they may ask what the purpose is for, you can state that is your old neighbour and that she or he has lost their bank card and needs to pay for shopping etc so that is why I am using western union.

Thank you.

*** UPON CHECKOUT, UK AND EU DELIVERY SERVICES HAVE NOT BEEN COMPLETED AUTOMATICALLY;  Please complete the order with any delivery option if you wish the products to be delivered outside the UK. Feel free to leave a comment in the checkout box for any other options you would like or discreet suggestions you prefer.

*** UPON CHECKOUT, IT STATES PAYMENT IS BANK TRANSFER; THIS IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION. Complete the order and when we reply to you via email, we will offer you either bank transfer or western union/moneygram