Pfizer Dostinex Cabergoline 0.5mg x 8

Pfizer Dostinex Cabergoline 0.5mg x 8
Pfizer Dostinex Cabergoline 0.5mg x 8
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Dostinex / Cabergoline by Pfizer

Great for those who are or have been on progestins like nandrolone decanote or trenbolone. It helps lower prolactin levels. If you suffer symptons of lethargy, deca dick/no sex drive, no feel to orgasm or gyno/nipple lactation then cabergoline is your cure.

IT IS A MUST whilst on nandrolone decanote or trenbolone. 0.5mg every three days is more than sufficient.

As of lately, there has been a craze for Cabergoline also known as Dostinex.

Merely down to the pill being a wonder drug for sex lives. It enhances the orgasm achieved by both genders (in simplistic terms, its like taking the pill a day or two before the big night and you feel like a virgin again!! For the men, if shes on top and you reach your climax, you will feel like throwing her off or hiding your sex face because it honestly will make you feel like a retard! Some users take 1mg pill 3 days prior and 1mg again on the morning of the day.

Buy Cabergoline Online UK / Buy Dostinex Online UK

1mg x 20 tabs available by Pfizer £70

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